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2015 New Design Studio location:

7406 E. Nonchalant, Suite 3, Carefree, AZ 85377 (The Graham Building)

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 Southwestern Desert Home Designer specializing in authentic Desert Style Homes....


Hi, my name is Nanci Kelleher - a local Interior Designer in Carefree and Cave Creek. Designing beautiful homes interiors, specializing in Southwestern Desert style. Graduate of American Institute of Interior Design with additional studies in Santa Barbara, California.


My approach to Desert Style Living includes the study and use of architectural and design elements, current and historical, focusing on interiors yet blending the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. Most color schemes for the interior as well as exterior should complement or contrast the style of the structure, its surroundings and the individuality of the property owners. Chamois, buckskin, buff, desert greens and stone colors are often colors of choice to lay the foundation for the interior design of any lifestyle.


Desert Style and Design:

Southwestern Style owes its distinctive look to Native American, Spanish and Mexican influence both traditional and unique, often referred to as Santa Fe, Spanish Colonial or Old World style.

Architectural Design Elements that make local compositions so attractive are materials such as Rammed Earth, Adobe and Stone which are often used with softened arches, niches, wrought iron gates, window grilles, vigas and latillas. Well placed windows create an open design extending the living space to the outdoors where courtyards and water features enhance our outdoor living experience.

Contemporary Style can live cohesively with western influence. This style reflects regional influences and can incorporate Pueblo style cues with modern surface treatments, larger volumes, extensive use of glass, wood or steel vigas, deep portals, flat roofs and squared parapets.

Interior Elements such as hand crafted furniture, beautiful fabrics and interior furnishings accent a well designed home. Rustic details are striking  accents in both traditional and contemporary environments. I like to see the visual engagement begin on the approach to the home. As you enter the shelter, it is the texture, tactile and visual, colors, fabrics, furniture, art, woods, metals and flooring that offer the sense of place and personality of the owners. Gardens and patios that lead us outside are an integral part of our interiors.


Talent and Design abilities are a result of an investment of time, dedication and experience. Forming a remodel company in 2000, and graduating from American Institute of Interior Design, I have completed projects in Arizona and New Mexico for Clients providing Design and Consulting Services. These projects have introduced me to a wide range of talented people in the trades. Collaborating with a great client and talented teams can create magic in the total composition.

Raised in Arizona, I have also lived in California, New Mexico and Colorado which has given me a reality based broad sense of what living in the southwest means.



The West has its distinctions and I am always happy to hear clients willing to embrace our unique western desert style. It is a joy blending treasured furniture pieces, art and individuality harmoniously within the structure and out.

Compelling and Effective visual engagements and emotional appeal in homes are satisfying places to live and entertain, you obtain this by applying good design aesthetics inside and out. Homes having these qualities are remembered, and highly marketable.

Time is Everyone's limited resource, respectfully I assess new project opportunities carefully, gravitating towards clients that are "like-minded" and projects that feel right.



Thank you for spending your valuable time on my website. The website is still in process and hope it has given you inspiration for your projects. It is my pleasure to post pictures of homes that I am working on and hope you will return often to see the new projects.


The retail store, Hermosa Home and Garden is closed at its old location on Cave Creek Road. My Design Studio, Hermosa Interiors and Design, has moved to the address above and I curate and shop with or for my clients at my wholesale locations so that all items are project and site specific. Each "collection" is built for the individual client, the structure and its surroundings.  If you need specific items, furniture, fabrics, window treatments, fresh paint ideas, accessories, please call me, I can curate for you or we can have an unforgettable shopping trip to my wholesalers, 480-466-4963.


Please call Nanci Kelleher 480-466-4963 for an Affordable Initial Consultation to discuss specific projects.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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