NomadRiche hand made bags, designed and made in Arizona. NomadRiche hand made bags, designed and made in Arizona.


Design aesthetics came early for me while growing up in Arizona. Jess Hawley, my uncle was a well known Blacksmith and Machinist in Phoenix who fabricated for many people including Frank Lloyd Wright. Jess and Ann designed and built two western desert homes, designing and making nearly all the furniture as well as window and bed treatments.

They were beautiful homes built with block, local stone, pecan wood, forged and hand pounded door handles and hinges and polished cement floors graced with gorgeous Navajo rugs. These homes had great classic western aesthetics,  efficient and practical,  understated yet classy with natural materials and great colors reflecting our way of life in the Sonoran Desert.


Passion for Western and Native American designs and art, developed in my youth as I accompanied my Mother to work at the Heard Museum on weekends. At the age of 12, attended Arizona School of Art, followed by a life long interest and study of art, ceramics, sculpture and design school. I continue to study and experiment with all manners of interior elements, continually exploring ideas for projects. My first interior of a new home was completed in 1986 in Colorado and have enjoyed many since then.

Growing up in these environments made a huge impact on the way I have looked at living and how important good design aesthetics are and am thankful to all people who have inspired me in so many ways.


Nanci Kelleher AIID