NomadRiche hand made bags, designed and made in Arizona. NomadRiche hand made bags, designed and made in Arizona.


  • Nanci, it is so wonderful that you are so responsive! And you seem to know exactly what I'm talking about and have such great ideas! You have helped me so much in this short time! B. Hadden, Client, New Mexico
  • You have not only changed the interior of our home, but my interior also, thank you! J.R., AZ
  • Nanci, I want to thank you for the may times you have helped me through my decorating problems, especially when we talk about color! C.R., AZ
  • I found Nanci to have a superb eye for balance and harmony in all elements - color, size, texture, location, etc. She had a far better understanding of the blended style I wanted to create than I did and she brought it to life in a gorgeous way that also accommodates our horsey lifestyle. By the end, I came to appreciate and respect her judgment to the point that I often said, "you decide". I never regretted doing so. And actually, it's not the end. We still have my office to do. And after I saw how she transformed our front courtyard, I'm dreaming of tackling the backyard, relying on Nanci of course. J.R., AZ