NomadRiche hand made bags, designed and made in Arizona. NomadRiche hand made bags, designed and made in Arizona.


Hermosa Handbags -  Designed and handmade by Nanci depict the essence of the exclusive Desert lifestyle - understated, elegant, relaxed and natural.  Focused on quality we use premium leathers, cowhides, conchos, beautiful fabrics and fittings. Designer Nanci Kelleher grew up in the western states of Arizona and California. In addition to Interior Design, Hermosa Interiors, Nanci designs all pieces for her Hermosa Handbag line which reflect western traditions. "I prefer timeless durable bags that can make an outfit. I'm a casual dresser, having had horses, my go to is still jeans and a white blouse and love how a great bag, can transform a pair of jeans. I had a difficult time finding the right bag and decided to design and make my own and fell in love with designing bags and items reflecting authentic western style and classic looks."

Our western style and classic line of bags, leather, canvas or fabric are durable and have great tactile and visual presence. When you consider clothes a blank canvas, a bag can say a lot about a person, the right bag can simply make the outfit. I look to nature for color palettes making our bags very versatile for men and women.





Customer KIm, very happy with her new western Tote