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NomadRiche hand made bags, designed and made in Arizona. NomadRiche hand made bags, designed and made in Arizona.

contemporary lines


My primary goal is helping you see the potential in your home and its relationships to your structure and  landscape... and provide you with artistic insights that will bring out the best in your living experience. In any property, the perception of warmth increases the perceived value and is an environment that people remember.  It is achieved with quality home design and I enjoy working with Clients specifics,  Architects and  Builders to bring it all together.


Services provided:

Design and Consultant services.

On-site Remodel Consultation  (Before Purchase, During Escrow, After purchase)

Whole House Conceptual Design: Sonoran Desert Style:  Interior Design, details + materials + appropriate quality tradesman providing cohesive design inside and out.


Please call Nanci Kelleher 480-466-4963 to discuss specific projects and affordable initial consultations.


If you do not currently have a team in place, I can make suggestions.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Nanci Kelleher AIID